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Site Preparation Works

Deebaj National Enterprises LLC has the experience and equipment necessary to complete all of your site preparation projects. We are equipped to complete small and large-scale projects for new construction, and land development. We routinely work directly with the individuals, Real Estate Developers, or General Contractors. If you need help with an upcoming site preparation project, then give us a call and we can discuss your project.

The following factors are considered for the construction site preparation

The first step of site preparation work is to remove all the scrubs or jungle if there exists any on the site for building construction.
The whole area will be roughly leveled
The holes of the construction site will be filled with sands or rammed earth and leveled off as required or redirected by the authority
As a part of site preparation, the trees will be cut off and their roots are totally uprooted as directed by the authority
Before starting the work, permanent bench marks must be established at a suitable point in the construction site
The orientation and trench lines of the building should be correctly laid out in the construction site and the location for the storage and stacking of the materials should be definitely set on the ground in the site
Site preparation also includes fixing position of the site office, go downs, the guard and the labor shed, the access and existing roads for trucks and carts etc

Construction Site Preparation: For Oman earthmoving

For site preparation work, we need to have certain instruments to do it properly. The must have things that we need includes the following

Fencing material or boards according to size of site
Company placard
Health and Safety signs
Screws and screwdriver
Shears, axes and shovels
Heavy machinery if buildings have to be removed

During construction site preparation, boundary line pillars are also to be fixed on the ground or as directed by the authority. All of these will help you to prepare a site for starting the construction process.