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Deebaj National Enterprices LLC


Deebaj National Enterprises LLC possesses large fleet of maintained equipment ensuring uninterrupted operations. We have an experienced team of estimators, engineers, supervisors and foremen with decades of experience ensuring cost-effective and timely completion of projects.

Excavation Works

We are a professional excavation company with knowledge and expertise to provide all phases of excavation for any construction project. Residential or commercial there's no excavating job we can't handle. We maintain a fleet of heavy equipment that can complete and handle all of your excavation needs.

Site Preparation Works

Deebaj National Enterprises LLC has the experience and equipment necessary to complete all of your site preparation projects. We are equipped to complete small and large-scale projects for new construction, and land development. We routinely work directly with the individuals, Real Estate Developers, or General Contractors. If you need help with an upcoming site preparation project, then give us a call and we can discuss your project.

Mountain/Rock Cutting

Deebaj National Enterprises LLC is experts in hard rock excavations using non-blasting technologies for industrial buildings, factories, commercial buildings, residential apartments, using heavy earth moving equipment and latest non-blasting technologies.

As technology is speeding up, there are new innovations happening in the field of rock excavation to excavate all types of hard rock at the earliest, without using any blasting methods. In city areas, the whole construction industry is depending upon these innovative methods of rock breaking where rock blasting is strictly prohibited.

We at Deebaj National Enterprises LLC are practising, updating and adopting all new ideas, technologies and innovations available in the rock excavation industry to develop ourselves and render the best services to our esteemed clients.

Road & Drive away Works

We have the experience and equipment necessary to install and repair concrete, asphalt, and gravel roads and driveways. For a new installation of a road or driveway, we can help you decide whether concrete, asphalt, or gravel is the best material for your site. The deciding factors usually include the initial installation and maintenance cost, durability, and personal aesthetic preference for each material. If your road or driveway has become overgrown with bushes, trees, or other plants, then we can excavate and clear away such plants to provide you with a more aesthetically pleasing and usable road or driveway.

Access Road

specialised knowledge of operations has enabled us to design, build and maintain reliable all-weather infrastructure required for continuous and cost efficient operation at assigned projects. The size and reliability of our fleet, the experience of our personnel and their intimate knowledge of extreme weather and soil conditions, make it possible to construct essential infrastructure in a timely and efficient manner.

Demolition Works

The majority of our projects require demolition work. For instance, we are often required to complete some demolition work at the start of a project, such as demolishing an old concrete walkway or driveway or even a house or building before preparing a site for new construction. Regardless of whether your project requires smaller or major demolition work, we have the experience and equipment necessary to complete your project at a competitive cost. After completion of required demolition work, we will haul away and properly dispose of the debris from job site.