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Mountain/Rock Cutting

Cutting is where soil or rock material from a hill or mountain is cut out to make way for a canal, road or railway line.

Cutting in construction is mechanically excavated or blasted out with carefully placed explosives. The cut may only be on one side of a slope, or directly through the middle or top of a mountain. Generally, a cut is open at the top (otherwise it is a tunnel). Cuts can be created by multiple passes of a grader, scraper or excavator, or by blasting.

Material removed from cuts is ideally balanced by material needed for filling along the same route, but this is not always the case when cut material is unsuitable for use as filling. The material is then transported using heavy machineries such as trucks, long boom and long reach excavators (Caterpillar, Hitachi, and Komatsu).

Different hydraulic carriers of all sizes can be attached to excavators and preform several rock cutting and mountain cutting such as:

Hard rock scaling - proven to outperform traditional methods (picks, hydraulic breakers, hand scaling) both in terms of safety and efficiency (speed)
Trenching - ideal alternative and/or complement to hydraulic hammers or large trenching machines in medium hard rock
Slurry walls
Shaft excavation
Underwater rock dredging
Soil remediation