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Deebaj National Enterprices LLC


Deebaj National is committed to:

Abide by the legal requirements prevailing in Sultanate of Oman and any other requirements to which Deebaj National subscribes.
Protect employees from injuries and occupational illnesses.
Protect the environment from pollution and damages.
Safeguard all assets from damage.


In order to achieve these Deebaj National LLC will

Make management commitment and leadership towards occupational health, safety and environmental protection visible, distinct and clear.
Allocate funds and resources to achieve occupational health, safety and environmental protection goals.
Ensure safe workplace for all employees who are directly or indirectly under the sphere of influence of Deebaj National.
Provide safe equipment and logistics.
Impart education and training to reduce occupational hazards and safety risks and environmental impacts as low as reasonably practicable.
Foster a workplace environment where continual improvement and learning points from our mistakes are embraced by all employees.