Complete Reliable Service all over Oman

Deebaj National Enterprices LLC


We believe the following factors set us apart from our competitors and contribute to our success


Our General Manager Mr. Arif Modaberi, actively participates in every stage of each project. That means that, during the bid process, you will discuss all of the details and any challenges of the project directly with Mr. Arif Modaberi. He will be easily accessible to you throughout the project & presence at the project site and hands-on approach ensure timely completion of assigned project.

Long-Term Relationships

Our business strategy relies on repeat customers and referrals from clients. As a result, we strive to build long-term relationship with each of our clients by providing our clients with exceptional quality work and making customer service our first priority. As a testament to our dedication to customer service, we consistently receive positive reviews and high marks from our past clients.

Wide Range of Service Offerings

We offer a wide range of earth moving services to our clients. Our ability to perform a wide range of services helps our clients complete their projects on time.

Company Owned Equipment Fleet

COur company maintains a fleet of heavy equipment/ machinery quick start and efficient delivery of services.

Facilitate Permit Process

We are experienced in obtaining required permits. We can help you determine whether obtaining a permit will be necessary for your project. If a permit is necessary, then we can assist you in obtaining any required permits and help you through the inspection process.